Radiant Red

February 13th 2018

As it’s the eve of St Valentine’s Day and everyone is feeling romantic, we’re paying tribute to the colour red in this week’s blog.

Within the 250 different colour options available from Residor there’s plenty of choice when it comes to red but this week we’ve chosen to highlight 2 from the selection.

RAL 3027 – Rasberry Red

This scrumptious colour sits in between red and pink and they’ll work well with both contemporary and traditional door styles. You could try adding chrome furniture fixings to really make a statement.

This enticing colour will transform any doorway and will instantly give your home the WOW factor!

RAL 3016 – Coral Red

If the bright and bold is not for you then take a look at Coral Red.  More subtle that Rasberry Red this colour is sure to bring a warm and welcoming feel to the front or your home.

Pair it with a decorative glass design like Abstract which brings a fusion of hand beveled glass and cut textured glass pieces that sparkle in the changing light.

So, if you love red as much as we do why not request a colour palette and see the full spectrum of red hues available from Residor.  Click here.

Wishing you all a Happy Valentines Day from everyone at Residor! 

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