Delivering your new front door on time every time!

February 14th 2019

You’ve taken the time to design your new front door, you’ve debated and deliberated for what seems like an age as to which style, colour and accessories to choose.

You’re feeling excited about placing your order and can’t wait for you new door to be installed only to be told that there’s a longer lead time than you expected.  Let’s be honest, your pretty gutted right?!

Well fear not because with Residor every door is manufactured right here in the UK (Staffordshire to exact) and because we make every door from our state of the art factory we’re able to promise that once you’re order’s placed through one of our approved retailers we’ll deliver it within in 5 working days!

Go on, start the journey to your new front door today

Bold colours and tonnes of personality

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Making the most of your front door

Your front door is one of the first things that your guests see when they arrive at your home so you’ll no doubt want to make it as welcoming as possible.

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Achieving that stand out statement

Achieving that stand out statement requires a personal touch and that’s why we developed a handy online door designer

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