Your front door plays a crucial part in welcoming your visitors!

March 1st 2018

Your front door plays a crucial part in welcoming your visitors and helps to give them an initial impression of you and your style.

There are many ways to personalise your door and make it your own.  One main feature which will create a huge impact to your doorway, is the glass design you choose.

Residor offer an extensive range of beautiful glass designs which are suited to both traditional and contemporary homes.


Dazzle in the sunlight

You could add dazzle to your doorway with Abstract Glass. It’s a contemporary design made up of cut textured glass pieces and multi-faced jewels which will sparkle in the changing of light.

With this design you’ll definitely make a style statement!


Pizazz and Privacy

For added pizazz while still maintaining ultimate privacy, London Etch and Etch Art Fusion are perfect options to look at. These designs have a flat frosted finish to give you a high level of obscurity but will still allow the light to illuminate your hallway!

Keep it traditional

If you’ve chosen a traditional door style like the Toton 2 and want a glass to be in keeping, then Zinc Art Classic could be the perfect choice for you.  This glass features brilliant-cut and bevelled diamond shapes and works well to create a focal point for your new door.

With this glass design you’ll get a high level of obscurity which is great if you’re looking for additional privacy but want some extra light to brighten up you’re hallway.


Wherever you live, whatever your style of home, Residor have a range of glazing options sure to make any doorway stand out!

Once you’ve selected the design that suits you and your home you can then complement your choice with a range of beautiful furniture fixings from our range!

To see our extensive range of glass designs available visit our website here.

Head over to our accessories page to complement your glazing design.

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