When you decide to update your front door, we know that security is high on your list priorities.

August 17th 2017

When you decide to update your front door, we know that security is high on your list priorities.  You’ll want be sure that your home, your family and your possessions are secure every time you turn the key.

With Residor you’re getting the most secure GRP composite door available today.   How can we say this?  Well, it’s fitted with a high security multi-point Era lock, high impact resistant 3.6mm outer skin, and a 3 star diamond rated Ultion cylinder as standard.  We’ve put protecting what YOU love at the forefront of everything we do.

These features sound great don’t they?  But what do they actually mean to you the homeowner.

Let’s start with the multipoint lock, here’s what you need to know…..

The ERA multipoint lock has three locking points along the edge of the door.  These points are made up of two hooks located at the top and the bottom of the lock strip and a 22mm central deadbolt to further secure the door. The locking points are controlled and engaged when the handle is lifted. It’s this action that secures them into the frame.

How the Era lock works with your choice of handles

Handle options

With Residor there are two handle options available the first being a standard lever handle.

With this option you’ll have a lever handle both internally and externally and both require a solid spindle to function.

*A spindle is a solid metal bar that connects the internal and external lever handle. Without this the lever handle will not operate.

How it works

In order to fully secure the door you’ll need to lift the handle up and turn the key to lock the door into place.

If you decide on this locking system you can come and go as you please and you don’t need to worry about getting locked out. To lock the door you’ll need to lift the handle and turn the key.

Your second option is the lever pad handle

This type of handle requires a split spindle so that each handle is able to operate independently.

*This spindle is split in two meaning the external and internal handle can operate independently. 

How it works

When you close the door central latch will engage into the frame. This means that to reopen the door you’ll need a key. In order fully secure the door, you’ll need to lift the handle.


So you know how it works but let’s take a look at the accreditation’s that this locking mechanism comes with –

PAS:24 2016 Certified

An independent assessment focusing on the enhanced security performance of the lock

Document Q

This is an approved government specification for the level of security required for all doors.

 – Secured By Design Licenced

This is an official UK police initiative which aims to combine “designing out crime” with physical security.


Ultimately what you need is a locking mechanism that gives you the flexibility and the convenience for everyday life, and one that provides you with additional security to keep you and your home safe and sound. With Residor you’re getting a high quality product which is thoroughly secure.

To find out more about the Security Residor offers please click here.

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