Decisions, decisions, decisions……

March 13th 2019

Decisions, decisions, decisions……

You’ve made the decision to upgrade your front door. It’s something that you’ve been considering for a while but it’s been one of those jobs that you just keep putting off.

Spring is approaching and you’re ready to get started on your project. Only now you’re faced with a dilemma…….

Which door style, colour and accessories do you choose?

Unlike days gone by, there are so many options when it comes down to spec’ing up your new front door. And that’s where we thought we’d lend a hand by highlighting one of our most popular door styles and offering advice on which accessories work well which this particular design.

So, here’s the Toton 2. It’s a great choice for those of you looking to combine the all the beauty of a traditional door style with modern security features of the modern era (it’s a timeless classic some might say).

The Toton 2 is well suited to many different colours but traditionally a door of this style would be in white, dark blue or black.  However, if you’re wanting a statement front door that shows off your personality and one that really adds the WOW factor then you’ll be pleased to learn that we can provide your new door in one of over 250 ral colours!

What about…..

Heather Violet


Lustrous Pearl Orange?

Something to consider maybe?



The Toton 2’s most striking feature is its two large glazed units which will allow an abundance of light into your hallway.  Privacy is a concern for many so you could consider a glass design like Potomac, Zinc Art Flair or Elegance all of which offer a high level of obscurity.   Potomac in particular will add a modern element to an otherwise traditional entranceway.

Great news too, all of our glass units are either double or triple glazed and are toughened as standard to give you extra peace of mind

And finally the furniture…..

Complete your new door by selecting from a range of beautiful stainless steel furniture which are available in 5 colours options; Gold, Chrome, Brushed, White and Black.  The colouor of your furniture will be very much determined by your choice of colour for the door.

Imagine though a cool black Toton 2 to with sleek chrome furniture!  Nice eh?

If you’re still struggling with the decision why not use our online door designer tool as a starting point.  You can swap and change the door style, colours, glass and furniture until you find the door that’s right for you and your home.   Click here to give it a try

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