Residor – At home with the Jones family

July 7th 2017

The Jones family have lived in their three storey town house since it was built in 2009.  Although the family love their home, they are starting to feel that they have out grown it and have decided to put it on the market.

We’ve loved this house from the moment we stepped inside.  It’s spacious, close to the schools and the town centre.  It was perfect for our young family.  Now that my wife and I are now in our mid-thirties and our eldest daughter is at high school we’d like to move up the housing ladder and purchase our forever home. – Mr Jones

A Home Improvement Project

The Joneses want to ensure that they achieve the best possible price for their home and have therefore decided to update areas of their home starting with the front door.

We’ve done a lot of research on how to sell a home and understand that the exterior of the property can have a massive impact on the buyer’s decision.  With this said we decided that the front of the house was a good place to start our project. – Mrs Jones

The Joneses had a solid, black GRP composite door which over time had become increasing faded and didn’t give off a welcoming appearance. 

 If I’m honest it looked awful!  The colour had really faded and the door furniture had definitely seen better days.  We’d left the door for as long as we could and knew that replacing it would dramatically improve the appearance of the house. – Mrs Jones

The Joneses turned to local firm Glass and Glazing Stafford who they had worked with before

Glass and Glazing advised that a Residor would be a good choice for us.  They talked us through the benefits including the thicker skin, trojen hardware and Ultion cylinder with its £1000 anti-snap guarantee. Their customer service has been exceptional from start to finish.  – Mr Jones

A change of style

The Joneses chose the Toton 2 design with Zinc Art Flair glass. This door style features two glazed units which allow an abundance of light into the hallway

Our previous door didn’t have any glazing so we took the opportunity to let some natural light into the hallway.  All the doors on the street are exactly the same style so by having something completely different we knew our home would really stand out.  

Although Residor offer some great colour options we opted for black as it’s a requirement on the deeds. We were happy with that though as it’s a timeless colour that always looks stylish. – Mr Jones

The Joneses new Residor has been fitted for a few weeks now and has really kick started their project.

We’re so pleased with the end result!  The door has added elegance to the entrance and when the door is locked it feels sturdy and secure!  We love the glazing too!  It’s really opened up the hallway and made it so much brighter.  The process of ordering through to the fitting has been really easy.  We’re looking forward to updating the rest of our home now so that it looks as good as the front. – Mrs Jones


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