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June 13th 2018

Your sense of style is incredibly personal, it’s expression of your character so it gives people a basic insight into who you are as a person.

You might be an avid follower of fashion and always wear the latest trends and choose to swap and change your style based on what’s hot right now.  Or you might be the type of person that’s a trend setter, not a follower and step away from the crowd with your own unique sense of style.

Today trends aren’t just applicable to what you wear; they transfer to your home, your garden and even the electronics that you buy and the holidays that you go on.

So when it comes to styling the front of your home, gone are the days where the only option you had was a boring white UPVC door like every other house on your street.  The possibilities today are seemingly endless, which gives you the opportunity add a little bit of you to the front of your home.

In this week’s blog we’re going to look at door colour trends and also colours that are a little more obscure……

Anthracite Grey RAL 7016

We all know that colour is very subjective, what one person likes, another may turn their nose up at.  But one that we can all agree on is that Anthracite grey is here to stay.

Grey is a neutral colour which makes it incredibly versatile. It’s well suited to both modern and traditional homes and works well with a matching or a contrasting frame, so there really is plenty of choice for you to make it your own.

Sulfur Yellow RAL 1016

Not for the faint heart, yellow is a bold colour choice and will really make a statement, even on the greyest of days.

Bold bursts of colour are a strong trend for 2018 so if you live in a house with neutral rendering or brickwork, this colour could be the perfect choice for you.  If yellow isn’t a favourite of yours though, no problem Residor have a plethora of exciting hues for you to choose from.

Fir Green Ral 6009

If you’ve decided to steer away from bold tones then Fir green might me a consideration.  It’s a classic door colour that’s unlikely to go out of style.

This colour looks great on a traditional Edwardian door style like the Timperley, but you could also add a contemporary twist to the front of your home by opting for one of the modern designs available from Residor like the Kendrick 4

Sky Blue RAL 5015

Breathe some life into to front of your home with an electric blue hue.

Blue is a great choice for a front door because it creates a sense of calm when you look at it. Much like Anthracite Grey a blue hue works well with a contrasting frame as it acts as a neutral, so just imagine the two of them together.  We’re taking a harmonious coupling here, perfect for any home!

If you’re not convinced by the colours in our list, no problem.  Residor offer 6 standard colours and over 250 different Ral colours.  Why not have a go at designing your own unique Residor here:  and remember that a beautiful front door creates a warm welcome for your guests, before they’ve even stepped inside.


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