Taking a great photo for Social Media

June 5th 2019

By now you’ll know that we love seeing the images of your recent installations.  It’s gives us a great insight into the fantastic work that our installer network is carrying out, and we take great pride in sharing your work on our social media platforms.

We want help ensure that you’re getting the best photographs possible, so we’ve listed below some of our top tips.

  • Always ask for permission

This goes without saying really, but always make sure that you ask for permission before you start snapping.  The homeowner may be fine with you taking at quick picture, but they may want you to crop out the name or number of the house before you post it.


You could even ask the homeowner if they’d be willing to stand in front of the door whilst you take the picture.

  • Get the right setting

Make sure the area is clean and tidy.  If the homeowner has a nice hanging basket or some potted plants these can be used to frame the door.


  • See the light

You don’t need to go to the expense of buying lighting equipment, natural light is fine and you should use this to your advantage.

Think about how the light is affecting the door, does it highlight key areas or make shadows?  Both or these can make for an interesting image.

The flash isn’t just for inside and night time, if it’s very bright outside we’d recommend using it during the day too.

  • Get up close and personal

Close shots combined with wider ones are a good way to pick out key features on the door such as the furniture and the glazing.


So, there you have it a quick and easy guide to taking a great shot.  Keep snapping and tag @residordoors into your tweets!


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