Turquoise – Could this lustrous hue be the right choice for you?

February 2nd 2018

When choosing a colour for your front door you’ll want to ensure that it not only fits in with the overall look of your property but that it also reflects a little bit of your personality.

Don’t shy away from beautiful bold colours for your front door after all it’s the first thing that people see when they visit your home and can make a lasting impression

Today we’ve chosen to highlight the colour turquoise.  Could this lustrous hue be the right choice for you?

Turquoise is commonly described as being a mixture of pale blue and green much like the gem of the same name and is a colour that is said to symbolise balance, creativity and friendship.

Within the Ral colour selection available from Residor there are two different shades of turquoise which will help you to make a statement out of your new doorway.

RAL 6033 – Mint Turquoise. This vivid pop of colour will instantly add sophistication to the front of your home. Pair it with a clean white frame and a subtle glass design like satin to provide a crisp finish that will look great all year round.


If you love the idea of a turquoise, but want something that’s a little more subtle then take a look at RAL 6034 – Pastel Turquoise.  This shade looks great on both traditional and contemporary homes and by finishing it with chrome accessories you add instant kerb appeal to your home.

With 250 different Ral colours available from Residor you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you and your home.

To see the full range of RAL colours available click here


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