What does the colour of your door say about you?

February 27th 2019
It’s long been said that a visitors make assumptions about your home and your personality as soon as they see the colour of your front door.
So what is the colour of your door telling people about you?


Associated with passion, fire and warmth, it’s also a colour that’s hard to miss.  So, if you’ve chosen a red front door then it’s likely that you’re an outgoing person who likes to stand out from the crowd.  You’re no doubt a wonderful host and really enjoy entertaining your guests.


If you’ve chosen a blue front door it’s likely that you’re perceived as being kind, caring and quite the traditionalist at heart.  Visitors to your home can expect a warm, cosy and relaxed environment when they come inside.


The colour of nature, a green door is said to indicate that you’re an ambitious, creative, and family orientated kind of person.  Your home is your haven and you probably like to focus your attentions on interior design and home improvement projects as well as planning family trips throughout the year.


THE colour of the moment so if you’ve chosen grey for your front door you’re obviously very fashion conscious and like to keep up with current trends.  Inside your home is possibly very minimalist, stylish and organised.


Don’t worry if these colours aren’t right for you as with Residor you can choose from 250 different Ral colour codes.  Find out more here: www.residor.co.uk/colours

Residor Top Tip  – When choosing a colour for your front door make sure that you’re looking at shades that will complement and enhance the external features of your home.

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